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Perfecting the Art of Procrastination

Oct. 5, 2016

“We have a fairly large space, and the Razor kick scooter is a great way to travel to and from the bathroom and other places. When I get bored, I’ll race down the hallway. I’ll sometimes ask my employees to time me. I can usually go the length of the hallway in under five seconds.”
—Sébastien Dupéré, co-founder and chief executive officer, Dupray steam cleaners

Illustration: Jing Wei

“I found a cool app that allows me to play Risk. A few team members were intrigued, so I loaded up a replay of my most recent game on our big screen, and we all watched, turn by turn. Everyone was so into it that we started commentating on each move, like at a sporting event. We did this for 90 minutes before we felt inspired to work.”
—Terence Channon, managing director, startup studio SaltMines Group

“I start my day feeling anxious that I haven’t completed, or even started, my clients’ work. I make a list. After that, I make a sublist. Finally, I start doing research for my first list and add more items to it. At that point, I usually have an ‘Oh, crap’ moment when I realize that I’ve done nothing other than make lists.”
—Sia Mohajer, founder, brand consulting firm Market Monkey


“I search for luxury pillows on Amazon. I have been searching for the perfect pillow for five years. My cart has over 200 in there, but I haven’t purchased one yet.”
—Brian Cherhoniak, co-founder, personal-finance blog Beating Break-Even

“It’s not uncommon for me to take baths. I will take a procrastination bath at least twice per week and up to three per day if I feel overwhelmed. I’ll spend a minimum of 20 minutes in the bath and a max of over an hour. Baths feel like a free spa retreat for my body and an energy drink for my mind. Afterward I always feel rejuvenated.”
—Misti Cain, founder, online advice platform Whyzze

“I work from home, so I sing. I’m a classically trained soprano, and I’ll belt out arias from Puccini or Mozart. One day I was singing the intro to Beauty and the Beast and heard a male voice join in. I lived alone, so it startled me. Turns out a worker was cleaning my building’s windows. He knew the tune.”
—Natalie Bidnick Andreas, digital marketing consultant

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